Why the name?

zahzaha is an Egyptian-slanged term means shiny, cheerful and pleasing; so the name simply represents our identity: “proudly Egyptian & meant to please you”.

But first, we would love to tell you the emotional side of our story

zahzaha has always been a daydream of an ambitious girl who has big passion for colors, textures, fabrics and styling.

She has started from scratch, worked so hard to come up with local zahzaha by her own, did her best to learn about all the aspects that can help her creating zahzaha; years of studying, tons of failed tries, dozens of unapproved samples, so the final product would worth one customer valuable purchase. She believes that simple gestures like a good hair day, a smiling face, a peaceful view, and definitely, a satisfying outfit, can truly have the power to make one’s day much brighter, and can boost one’s mood, energy, and productivity. She dreamt of creating good stuff to the world, in all hope to spread some kind of sweet energy into the world.

Know us deeper…

zahzaha is an e-commerce baby brand with big dreams and bigger plans; It’s everything “fabricated”, now fashion, and soon more interesting goodies will join.

zahzaha has a concept of creating unique captivating stuff, yet can fit into your everyday life, so we can be part of your day-to-day journey.

Quality is everything for zahzaha.

  • Soft

    The moment you wear your zahzaha pieces and feel their softness on your body, they will become some of your assets.

  • Lightweight

    Lightweight fabrics will stay with you the longer you stick to them, and the longer you treat them properly.

  • Easy to Style

    Every piece is personalized to have multiple roles serving as much purposes as it can aka *easy to style*